About Dr. Sullivan

From my earliest childhood recollections, I have been teaching and publishing. I taught my dolls, my friends and my cousins. I published a newspaper with a distribution of 4. That’s how I played. With a chalkboard and my own ditto machine (remember that purple ink smell?), workbooks from Roses, and leftover worksheets from my teachers, I had all the tools I needed to teach or write a newspaper issue. As an undergraduate, however, I opted out of education in favor of journalism. That was short-lived. My first “real” job was as an English teacher. Ten years later, I opted out of education again, this time for a career as a gift shop merchant. That, too, was brief. I felt a spiritual calling to join the founders of BCCS in opening a charter school in my hometown. Driven to better serve the students in my care, I earned advanced degrees in a quest to learn more. I have been blessed to teach not only my own two children but also all of my nieces and nephews, and I continued my publishing career as a yearbook advisor for thirteen years. Where my next calling will be, I cannot answer yet, but I am firmly convinced it will be in education in a setting where I am most needed.

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