Sunday, March 13, 2016

Five Loaves & Two Fish: Making the Most of Our Talents

 A devotional I read this week is lingering in my mind and heart:

Sometimes our bread and fish (skills, talents, resources) don't seem all that impressive when held in our hands. However, when we give the Lord all what we are and all that we have, He can multiply our offering beyond comprehension....

So what are my loaves and fishes? 
Have I given my loaves and fishes to the One who can multiply them for use in His Kingdom?

This is my prayer: Use me, Lord, to bless the people you've entrusted to my care and leadership. Reveal my loaves and fish to me, and use my skills, my talents, and my resources to unleash a mighty work in our midst, that You might be glorified in every word and action.

photo source: Five Loaves & Two Fish

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