Friday, April 11, 2014


On a recent blog post, @JohnWink90 declared April 11 as #LoveMySchoolDay and challenged others to share through social media what they love about their school.  I passed along the challenge to our faculty and students to speak about all the good going on at our school.

Some of my colleagues have shared:
“Here is what I love:  smiling math teachers coming in feeling good about the test!!!!”
“I love that we are a family at BCCS.  Our school environment is positive, safe and nurturing.  It’s a great place to come each day.”

Here’s a sampling of what some of our students shared:
“Our teachers have taught us well this year.”
 “If we need help, we can ask any teacher here.”
“We get to wear uniforms instead of whatever.” 
“I love that we got new buildings for middle and high school.”
“I love that the teachers will take time out of the day to make sure you know what you need to know.”
“My study skills class!”
 “I love Mrs. Jennifer and all that she has helped me with during the years.”
“I love how close-knit our school is and how everyone is always so supportive when something happens to one of our Blazer families.”
“The freedom that students have to show their own personality.”
“Mrs. Rackley is just a great teacher with a wonderful personality.”
“The teachers’ attitudes towards the students; they actually care about the students.”
“I love how small it is.”
“The dedicated teachers and faculty at our school. Specifically, Mrs. Luke.  I don’t know of many teachers who would return after officially retiring to teach again.”
“How small the school is, and that everyone is like your family, especially the teachers.”
“I love Mrs. Luke because she truly cares about her students.  She helps us with any problems in life.”
“Having a small enough school that everyone knows everyone else.”
“Because the school is small, anyone who wants to participate on a team is able to (isn't eliminated by try-outs).”
“The personal interaction between faculty and students, and the relaxed atmosphere.”

Here are some things I love about our school:
*We are small enough to feel like a family, and large enough to serve our students’ needs.
*We encourage parent volunteerism in every aspect of our school.
*Our people love kids, and our students know every person here cares about them.
*Our students are regular and generous charitable contributors, collecting money for a classmate whose home burned, for faculty members experiencing extreme medical costs, for kids whose families cannot buy Christmas gifts…
*Our kids have learned how to lose and how to win. Winning is so much more fun, especially state championships, like Academic Team and Girls Tennis.
*My commute, when I’m on time or early, is less than 2 minutes; when I’m running late and getting stuck in morning traffic, it’s only 8 minutes. I love the small town location.
*I love how quickly our students will volunteer to do a chore when asked.
*Everyone multi-tasks to enhance the school experience for students – teaching, coaching, sponsoring clubs, fundraising …
*My colleagues
*& that at least one colleague has joined Twitter today! 

 It is genuinely wonderful to work in a place where you look forward to going every morning, and where working overtime is even enjoyable.

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